Combing the Net – 6/17/2012

Why 29-Year-Old Divorcees Should Be Forbidden to Write About Marriage — A great response to a truly horrendous article on marriage that somehow managed to get published on The Huffington Post.

The Original “Desiring God” Sermon Series — Transcripts and audio files of a 1983 sermon series which formed the basis for one of the most influential books in my life and many others: John Piper’s Desiring God. I haven’t heard these yet, but look forward to listening soon!

Promotional Buttons From Presidential Campaigns — A look back at the winners and losers from 1940-2008. Some personal favorites:

  • “Keep the ass off the White House grass”
  • “Yo Quiero Ike”
  • “If I were 21 I’d vote for Kennedy”
  • “I’m voting REPUBLICAN but I’m NOT going to H—!!”
  • “Peace in Vietnam 1968″
  • “I’m a bunny for Carter”

The story of how Pixar almost lost Toy Story 2 (HT: Mere-O)

Combing the Net – 5/23/2012

Why Plant a Church in Cookeville? — My friend Bob Wilson will be launching “Sola Church” in the near future. It will be Cookeville’s first confessionally Reformed Baptist church. Whether you have interest in the church plant or not, Bob’s research and design work has resulted in a pretty great infographic, which you can see at this link. It’s the best collection of church-related statistics and demographics that I’ve ever seen for Cookeville and the surrounding area.

Fast Facts on Coffee Consumption — Speaking of cool infographics…

Does Facebook Wreck Marriages? — I must just be in a statistical research kinda mood this morning. Here’s another study.

“Affairs happen with a lightning speed on Facebook,” says K. Jason Krafsky, who authored the book “Facebook and Your Marriage” with his wife Kelli. In the real world, he says, office romances and out-of-town trysts can take months or even years to develop. “On Facebook,” he says, “they happen in just a few clicks.” The social network is different from most social networks or dating sites in that it both re-connects old flames and allows people to “friend” someone they may only met once in passing. “It puts temptation in the path of people who would never in a million years risk having an affair,” he says. Facebook declined to comment.

This Guy Needs to Resign — A video of a fundamentalist pastor ranting against homosexuals has gone viral. In the last few weeks I’ve posted links to several articles encouraging thoughtful and civil dialogue on the issue of homosexuality (and I plan to publish something of my own on the topic very soon). This is an example of what NOT to say. I’m horrified.

What Has Jerusalem to Do With Athens? — I love Ross Douthat’s columns in The New York Times, but found this one especially interesting. He argues that secular liberalism has no independent basis for morality, and ironically depends on essentially Christian premises in its critiques of religion. Douthat draws from the works of philosophers from Plato to Thomas Aquinas to John Locke to Christopher Hitchens in building his case.

How Should American Christians Observe Memorial Day and Independence Day? — Bobby Gilles’ take on a question that presents itself this time each year to those responsible for planning worship services.

Fire Up the Grill — However your church may decide to observe (or not observe) patriotic holidays, this particular tradition is as non-controversial as they get. Some awesome recipes from the Art of Manliness blog!

Bob Moog: How He Changed Music Forever — Today’s Google “doodle” celebrates a pioneer in the field of electronic music. It’s their best interactive doodle yet, in my opinion! This article will teach you a little about him while you play around on the Google keyboard. In case you need instructions:

Remembering the Wife of Your Youth

Ray Ortlund is the pastor of Nashville’s Immanuel Church, which is my favorite place to visit when I have a week off from Stevens Street. I love to sit under his preaching when I have the opportunity, and have also benefited from his teaching through his books, his blog, and videos like this one, which was a real encouragement to me yesterday:

I don’t know whether I can still be considered “in my youth”, but certainly my beautiful wife is still in hers! I pray that in another 37 years it will be as easy to enjoy our love and friendship as it is today, and that we would be able to rejoice in the remembrance of 40 years together like Ray and Jani Ortlund. What a testimony!

Combing the Net – 7/14/2010

With God on Our Side — Here’s some info and a trailer for what looks like a pretty interesting documentary (from one of the writers of “Expelled”) on the unflinching support of evangelical Christians for a Jewish state regardless of its actions, and the problems this causes, particularly for Palestinian Christians. It seeks to provide a balanced report of what is really going on over there, as opposed to what is reported in our news media. Note: This is NOT the same as the 2004 documentary with the same title that focused on George W. Bush.

New To Reformed Theology? — Ligonier ministries has made available a helpful list of free online resources to help you in your study, if you are interested in learning more about Reformed theology.

Stocking Up on Razor Blades — Tired of the constant planned obsolescence of razors and razor blades, many men are stocking up on years’ worth of razor blades for their favorite razors.

How to Drive a Perfectionist Crazy — “Uneven Google” is guaranteed to drive even mildly OCD people (like my wife) nuts! (HT: @abrahampiper)

When Marriage is a Train Wreck — Doug & Nancy Wilson talk about the options a woman has when she is involved in an abusive marriage. Included in the discussion is a great illustration of the often misunderstood biblical roles of authority and submission. A man’s authority is NOT absolute, and a woman is not a doormat.  This same type of thinking is, of course, how our Founding Fathers justified the American Revolution, which was a refusal to continue to submit to the governing authorities — another form of delegated (but not absolute) authority instituted by God.

Where my nerds at? Hopefully some of you other pun-loving literary and journalistic types will find this as amusing as I do! (HT: Janet Reid)

Combing the Net – 6/25/2010

Shipwreck Found After 122 Years in Lake MichiganThe largest wooden ship that had been unaccounted for in Lake Michigan has now been found. The 300-foot L.R. Doty was so well preserved, in fact, that even it’s cargo of corn is still in the hold.

When Lightning Strikes Twice — Check out this incredible photo of lightning striking two buildings at once!

The Case Against Marriage — Al Mohler responds to a recent essay in Newsweek magazine by two young women who explain why marriage no longer makes sense for women. In fact, they say, the very idea that people are meant to be monogamous and committed to one person for life “seems naive, even arrogant.”

Childlessness Up in the US — In a perhaps related story, Pew Research reports that nearly 20% of American women who are past childbearing age never gave birth. Fewer than half of Americans believe that children are important in a marriage, and more and more children are born outside of marriage. Sad trends…

David Platt on the South — Here’s an interview with David Platt on the moralism that often takes the place of genuine Christian conversion in the South, and how Christians in my generation are leading the way to a resurgence in real gospel teaching.

Last but not least, here are two songs from Tim Hawkins about Chik-Fil-A. I’ve been on a bigtime CFA kick lately. I’ve already been twice this week and still can’t seem to kick the craving! I sure do love that place…