Book Review: The Message Behind the Movie

“The Message Behind the Movie: How to Engage with a Film without Disengaging Your Faith”, by Douglas M. Beaumont

Beaumont is an apologetics professor at Southern Evangelical Seminary. This is a relatively short and easy-reading book, but one which is packed with lots of original ideas along with practical application in the area of approaching pop culture (movies in particular) as a platform for evangelism.

Beaumont seeks to define a Biblical perspective of movie watching that sits somewhere between the two extremes of those who reject and withdraw from all things secular, and those who consume everything Hollywood has to offer without discernment. How do we balance our sanctification with our need to engage the culture around us?

The book is divided into three “Acts”: Watching & Understanding Movies (discerning the underlying suppositions and significance of the story), Evaluating & Discussing Movies (discerning how specific elements of a movie present ideas such as salvation, the existence of God, the nature of truth, etc.), and Applauding & Avoiding Movies (discerning which movies are “acceptable” for the Christian to watch). Each Act contains a short fictional example of evangelistic conversations that can come out of discussing films.

I thoroughly enjoyed the book, and the way that it has made me think more about what movies I will watch, and to think more critically of those that I do. There were times I wasn’t sure I would like where I thought he was going, but his conclusions (which I’ll leave up to you to read for yourself!) pull it all together, and his final authority is always the Word of God. Highly recommended! Buy it here.

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