Book Review: Beyond Opinion

“Beyond Opinion: Living the Faith We Defend”, by Ravi Zacharias, et al.

Considering that Norman Geisler, one of the best known Christian apologists in the world, called this the “best book of its kind in print”, I knew I had to read it! Zacharias one of the greatest Christian apologists who has ever lived, and the staff of his organization (Ravi Zacharias International Ministries) is absolutely phenomenal. This volume is essentially a handbook for the equipping of “everyday Christians” to defend our faith against all manner of questions that may rise against it.

A total of 12 authors, most of whom are affiliated with RZIM, contributed to the writing of this book, each writing within his or her own field of expertise. After a great introduction by RZ himself (“An Apologetic for Apologetics”) explaining why it is important to have an intellectual understanding of our faith, the book is divided into three sections. The first identifies specific questions raised by postmodernism, atheism, youth, Islam, Eastern religions, and science. The second addresses “the questions behind the questions”; basically, the sort of ultimate questions that everyone must answer, regardless of their stated beliefs, such as having an answer for the existence of evil and suffering. The final section deals with the equipping of the Church, offering practical solutions for studying and internalizing the questions we’ll face and the answers we must give, as well as how to persevere in the face of the inevitable doubts and persecution that will confront those who take a stand for their faith.

This is a large book, but is very accessible to the reader. I would consider it a must-have for the personal library of every believer! Buy it here.

One comment on “Book Review: Beyond Opinion

  1. […] extremely anti-intellectual (a point also strongly emphasized in Ravi Zacharias’ recent book, Beyond Opinion), arguing from a point of ignorance regarding their own Scripture has to say about a given issue […]

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