Adoption Conference Wrap-up

Laurie and Nate and I just got home from the Adopting For Life conference at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville. It was phenomenal. It’s late and I’m much too tired to reflect too much on here right now, but at some point soon I’ll post some thoughts that we have on adopting and orphan care in general.

In the meantime, I once again encourage all of you to check out Russell Moore’s book, Adopted for Life. We read it a couple months ago and I can’t imagine giving any book a higher recommendation for Christian couples and families.

Sometime soon, I believe they are planning to post at least the audio, if not video, of the general sessions from the conference. All three were great. Until the audio/video becomes available, you can read through the “live blog” text transcripts of the messages. Here are links, along with a short bio of each of the speakers:

Jedd Medefind – Former special assistant to George W. Bush, overseeing the office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives. Now serves as President of the Christian Alliance for Orphans. See also the Christian Alliance for Orphans Blog.

Russell Moore – Senior Vice-President for Academic Administration and Dean of the School of Theology at Southern Seminary, and a teaching pastor at Highview Baptist Church in Louisville. See also his blog, Moore to the Point.

David Platt – Former Dean and professor at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, and current senior pastor of The Church at Brook Hills in Birmingham, AL.

We were also blessed by conference worship-leader Andrew Peterson, who gave a concert on Friday evening. As soon as he struck the first chord of the first song at the first session, Nate was totally enraptured by him. He recognized all the songs, because we play them all the time at our house. I purchased Peterson’s two novels, and am looking forward to reading them soon. They seem very Narnia-ish.

The breakout sessions we attended were led by Tera Melber, who leads the adoption ministry at Highview Baptist Church in Louisville, and Justin Taylor, who is an editor and publisher at Crossway, and author of one of the most famous Christian blogs on the Internet (and one of the few I make sure to visit every single day), Between Two Worlds. Melber spoke about how to organize an adoption ministry in the local church (something Laurie and I are quite interested in doing), while Taylor spoke about adoptive families’ ministry to and relationships with birth parents. Both sessions were quite good… I’m sure I’ll mention more about that in the future as well.

All in all this was one of the most encouraging and refreshing weekends we’ve had in quite a while. We have much to think and pray over, and much to share with you all in the coming weeks!

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