Book Review: The Lost Art of Disciple Making

“The Lost Art of Disciple Making” by LeRoy Eims

This is sort of a “classic” in the church ministry genre, but was a first-time read for me. There’s nothing earth-shattering now, but I imagine it was fairly revolutionary when it was published in 1978. It isn’t that today’s churches have mastered discipleship — we certainly haven’t — there are just a lot more materials available today. The Trellis and the Vine, for instance, covers many of the same topics, but is more practical and relevant to the 21st-century.

Still, there is something encouraging to be reminded that there are no “new” ideas in church ministry (at least, none that are based on Scripture). In every generation, faithful scholars, preachers, and theologians remind us that God never changes, and His design and purpose for His Church remains the same. He desires that every Christian would be growing into spiritual maturity, while simultaneously making disciples of others.

This book will make a good addition to any Christian’s library, and is a quick easy read. Buy it here.

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