Wolves in Dogs’ Clothing

According to a study published yesterday in the British science journal Nature, today’s dog breeds share a common ancestry. They seem to have descended from wolves originating in the Middle East.

This is nothing new, of course. Ken Ham (and others who affirm the Biblical account of Creation) has said the same thing for many years! Rather than being evidence for Darwinian (macro)evolution, this canine study presents results more in line with microevolution, which is change within a species.

While no one would claim that this is “proof” of the Genesis account of the Flood, it does add more corroborating evidence to the idea that a male and female member of the “dog kind” emerged from Noah’s ark (in, you guessed it: The Middle East!) to “be fruitful and multiply on the earth” (Genesis 8:17).

You may not agree with everything the comes out of Answers in Genesis, but I encourage you to check out Ham’s fascinating articles dealing with speciation and genetics. Here are just a few examples:

National Geographic “Woof” Worse Than Its Bite – The AiG response to a similar article published in 2002

“Species” and “Kind” – How do creationists account for all the diversity of life we see today?

Did God Create Poodles? – A canine example of genetic mutation

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