My Bumper is Still Clear

In response to my review of Mark Levin’s book yesterday, I was asked this very fair question: Why do you seem to only rail against political conservatives and Fox News? Why not political liberals and the rest of the mainstream media?

Allow me to share a few things in response.

I am not a political Liberal either.

Just because I do not believe that the ideals of popular political conservatism line up with our roles and responsibilities as Christians does not mean that I believe the Bible lines up any more or less with political liberalism. My own personal political views have changed quite a bit in the last few years, but they haven’t moved left or right on the political spectrum. In fact, I have come to reject the idea that politics is a linear field; that is, that there is a line that stretches from left to right, and that every philosophy, idea, or action must sit somewhere on that line. I believe that such thinking tends to lead to what Tim Keller calls “political idolatry” (for more on this, see his excellent book, “Counterfeit Gods“).

Instead, I have come to believe that God operates on a level that is totally “other”. Neither left nor right, His instructions given to His people in His Word require Christians to think on a totally different wavelength from the way the world thinks, particularly with regard to politics.

If this sounds confusing, it’s probably because my own thoughts in this regard have yet to settle into anything concrete. Not to worry, though. I plan to flesh this out in much greater detail at some point. When I do, I’ll be examining both political conservatism and political liberalism in light of the Scriptures.

I write best when writing from my own experience.

This is not really a blog of political commentary, but a journal of my own personal experience. I cannot write clearly of things with which I am not familiar. I have no history of politically liberal thinking. To attempt to address liberalism in any sort of detailed way right now would require me to rely on speculation and insufficient research. The landscape of political conversation is already littered with the corpses of straw men. No need for me to add any more!

Meanwhile, I have a very intimate knowledge of the type of political conservatism I addressed yesterday. As little as two years ago, I would probably have given wholehearted approval to everything contained in that book. I have insight into that worldview because it used to be mine. Honestly, before my wife and I participated in The Truth Project, the word “worldview” had really never entered my vocabulary, and I never gave much thought to the validity of many things I had always assumed to be true. Now, my entire way of thinking has been transformed.

I know my audience.

The vast majority of this blog’s readers likely come from the same background of political conservatism as I do. As I’ve stated in the “About Me” section of this page, one of the main goals of my writing is to challenge the way my readers think. Honestly, an exhaustive critique of political liberalism is not very likely to accomplish that goal for very many people.

As far as most of the mainstream media is concerned, my opinion of what passes for “journalism” in most major outlets is pretty low. That being said… in a way I feel like networks such as MSNBC and CNN are more intellectually honest than Fox and the talk radio gang. I don’t get the feeling that folks like Rachel Maddow and Keith Olbermann are making much of an effort to hide their spin. When folks market their coverage as “fair & balanced”, I hold them to a higher standard.

So to set your minds at ease, I haven’t become the next Jimmy Carter. I haven’t joined the Sierra Club, and my car doesn’t look like this:

Have a wonderful day, and may God bless Americans!

3 comments on “My Bumper is Still Clear

  1. mynameisjoy says:

    i have to comment, i dont think any hardcore liberals are gonna have golf and cheerleading bumper stickers!

  2. mynameisjoy says:

    ps i also really enjoy reading your essays/thoughts, not just the bumper stickers.

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