Assorted T4G Links

It’s been a few weeks, but my brain is still buzzing from my time at the Together for the Gospel Conference. I can’t recommend highly enough checking out the video and audio recordings from the main sessions, which are all available at the above link.

Here are a few additional related links worth checking out:

Bob Kauflin’s reflections on leading worship at T4G. Easily one of the highlights of the week.

A transcript of Kevin DeYoung’s breakout session on God’s impassability. Thankfully it’s (slightly) easier to digest in its written form…

Other videos produced by T4G in anticipation of this year’s conference. Be sure to check out the fascinating tours of the personal studies of many of the conference speakers!

One comment on “Assorted T4G Links

  1. Brandon Skaggs says:

    Thanks for putting this together John. I was planning on taking a look at all the material after finals this week. Also, thank you for taking the time to post reviews of the books you have been reading from the conference. I’m looking for some good reading over the summer and they have many of the T4G books on discount at the campus Lifeway. Grace and Peace.

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