A Radical Exchange

Most people who know me know that I love David Platt’s recent book, “Radical:Taking Back Your Faith From the American Dream.” I gave it a rather glowing review, and have distributed copies of the book to several people. I believe it’s one of those books that every Christian needs to read.

That being said, there are some legitimate concerns that could be brought up about the book. These are not so much concerns with what Platt says or how he says it, but with how some of what he says might be taken and applied by some readers, primarily from the younger generation of Christians. There is great risk upon reading a book like this to be drawn into a form of legalism. How much must we do for the poor to be acceptable to Christ? How “radical” must we be to be “real” Christians? These are the wrong questions to be asking, and I don’t believe they are what Platt intended… yet this is a response that many readers are having.

With that in mind, I direct you to a great exchange between Kevin DeYoung (another pastor/author whom I greatly admire) and David Platt. DeYoung points out some of these concerns, and Platt responds. This is a great model of the type of conversations that can and should happen among those who may not agree on every point of doctrine but who love the Lord Jesus Christ with their whole hearts.

Read this exchange here

Kevin DeYoung also wrote recently along these same lines. I highly recommend checking out his thoughts on what he calls the “almost constant low-level sense of guilt” that most Christians feel when we think about the ways we continue to fail even though we have been bought and redeemed by Christ.

Are Christians Meant to Feel Guilty All the Time?

And it’s follow-up article: Why We Need Confession of Sin

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