Combing the Net – 6/8/2010

Church Names in the U.S. — Some random statistics on the frequency of words used in the naming of churches in America.

Helen Thomas Named New BP Spokesperson — A satirical post poking fun at the recently retired Helen Thomas. If you don’t get the joke, watch this video.

Spicy Is Here! — Dan Cathy on the launch of Chik-Fil-A’s first new sandwich in over 20 years. I got to try one last week and it’s pretty awesome!

Holding Your Church Technical Team to Slightly Higher Standards Than Apple and Steve Jobs — One of my new favorite posts on Jon Acuff’s humor blog, Stuff Christians Like.

One Simple Way to Demonstrate Love and Humility — Kevin DeYoung on loving by listening, and the need for Christians to have good conversations.

At the end of DeYoung’s article, he mentions Brian Regan’s “Me-Monster”. Here’s the clip to which he’s referring:

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