Book Review: John

“John (St. Andrews Expositional Commentary)” by R.C. Sproul

I was excited to learn that Dr. Sproul was writing a series of new commentaries. He has long been one of my favorite theologians, and is one of the clearest teachers of Scripture that I have encountered. I was a bit concerned, however, that his commentaries might be somewhat more “intellectual” than many of his other books. Often in his lectures, he operates on a different mental plane than most mere mortals!

So it was much to my relief to see that this commentary was very approachable and easy to read. In fact, it is possibly the most accessible book of its type that I’ve seen. I especially appreciated the format of this book.

Rather than write a verse-by-verse exposition, as many commentators do, Sproul has broken John’s gospel into 57 chapters, focusing on individual events and encounters. He then writes his commentary in a very conversational style, often relaying personal stories and analogies to help teach the text. This writing style lends this commentary to reading just like one might read any other typical book, rather than requiring strenuous study like many other commentaries. It is highly recommended for students of Scripture at any level of spiritual maturity or theological experience! Buy it here.

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