Combing the Net – 6/9/2010

Chinese Farmer Fires Homemade Cannon to Defend Land — An unorthodox (but effective) approach to resisting property confiscators in rural China.

A Classical Education: Back to the Future Classical education is making a big-time comeback! Here’s a great Op-Ed from the New York Times about this timeless teaching method. Cookeville is blessed with a tremendous classical school in Highland Rim Academy, where I serve on the board of directors. (HT: Jeff Wright)

After IVF, Abortion? What Does This Say? — Al Mohler on the recent reporting in the London Times about the growing number of In-Vetro Fertilizations that are ending in abortion in the UK. What does it say about our culture when even those who have made the conscious choice to become pregnant are killing the unborn children they so desperately wanted?

Our Miracle Has Arrived! — On the flip side of this is the exciting news of the healthy arrival of Madison Rawls! For those who don’t know, the Rawls family are members at our church who have had a very rough pregnancy. We have prayed long and hard over their daughter Madison for many months, as much of the news from the doctors was bad news. Madison has spina bifida, and there was concern that her lack of weight gain was an indication of further neurological problems. Doctors had also detected problems with her heart and brain. Yesterday the Rawls’ little miracle was delivered healthy and beautiful! There is even a chance that she may have no symptoms whatsoever! Reading this story of her delivery will be even more exciting if you scroll back through the Rawls’ blog a couple months.

Praise be to a God of grace and power, who hears and answers the prayers of his children!

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