Combing the Net – 6/10/2010

School Lunches Are a Threat to National Security — Apparently there is some concern that unhealthy cafeteria food is making kids too fat to fight in the military. (HT – PastorMark)

What to Get for the Superyacht Owner Who Has Everything? —Does materialism know no bounds?

What Does It Mean to “Accept Jesus”? — Ray Ortlund with a great illustration of what it looks like when one turns from idols to serve the living and true God.

In Search of the SBC Majority With the Southern Baptist Convention’s national meeting just days away, the issue of inaccurate membership roles is just one of the items that will be up for discussion. Unfortunately, this is one area in which Stevens Street is part of the problem, with membership numbers approximately double  our actual attendance. Hopefully we’ll be able to resolve this in the near future.

Tooth Sacrifice Was Worth the Cup — Chicago Blackhawks defenseman Duncan Keith arguably sacrificed more for his team’s Stanley Cup victory than anyone else. Now it’s time to go see a dentist!

Finally, here’s a great interview with Keith and several other Blackhawks players after he lost 7 teeth and came right back into the game… he’s a hockey player, all right!

One comment on “Combing the Net – 6/10/2010

  1. Brandon Skaggs says:

    In regards to the SBC national convention and inaccurate membership, our pastor made a good comment on that this past Sunday. He has been teaching through 1 John and assurance of salvation. Many “active” church members have family that are officially on the church role but never attend. When confronted with the removal of these “inactive” members their families will fight tooth and nail to keep them on the register.

    To some it may be the physical representation of what they know in their heart to be true. It may also be a reminder of their personal responsibility to admonish and confront these family members.

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