Combing the Net – 6/11/2010

A Different Kind of Multiplication — An explanation of how the ancient Romans learned multiplication, in a manner very similar to the binary code our computers use today.

World’s Oldest Leather Shoe — A 5,500 year-old moccasin has been found preserved in an Armenian cave. It is described as “astonishingly modern.”

The Great American Brass Band Festival — This is where I’ll be this weekend, performing with the Southern Stars Symphonic Brass in Danville, KY. It is the world’s largest annual gathering of brass players, and features several days of performances by premiere soloists and ensembles from around the country. I’m looking forward to it!

The GCR in a Nutshell — I mentioned yesterday one of the items on the agenda for the upcoming national meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention. The main order of business, though, will be reviewing the results and recommendations of research conducted by the “Great Commission Task Force”, a group appointed at last year’s SBC meeting to set the course for the convention’s “Great Commission Resurgence.” The discussion and debate about the GCR has been intense over the last year, but Trevin Wax provides an excellent summary of all things GCR. All Southern Baptists should take the time to read through this.

The FIFA World Cup began this morning in South Africa. This Nike commercial is awesome, and shows the intense passion fans have for the world’s most popular sport. Really points out the idolatry in sports, though, doesn’t it?

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