Attention Facebook Followers

For about the last year and a half, I have been sending out Facebook notifications of new posts to my blog. Because I am hoping to continue my recent trend of posting nearly every day, I am going to stop sending out these FB messages. I do hope that many of you who have followed via Facebook will continue to read my blog, so I’ve added a couple links on the right side of the page to make it easier for you to continue to receive notifications if you like.

The first is an e-mail subscription. This will generate one e-mail on each day that there is a post to this blog. For instance, if I make more than one post in a day (like today), you would just get one e-mail. You can sign up to follow the blog this way through the link at the top right of the page.

Right below that is a link to subscribe to the RSS feed. This will give you the option to have the posts sent to a feed reader of your choice. I prefer the Google Reader, which is free, but you can use whichever you like. If there are several blogs that you read frequently, I recommend going this route, as it organizes everything for you (most blogs will have a link to subscribe to the RSS feed). If you are just interested in following my blog, the e-mail subscription is probably the better route.

If you have any questions I’m happy to help. As always, I’m honored that you have taken the time to visit my blog!

EDIT: I’ve been reminded that you can also follow my blog on Facebook by clicking the “Blog” tab on my profile page, and then clicking “Follow”… but you have to allow a Facebook app access to your information to go that route.

2 comments on “Attention Facebook Followers

  1. You might want to consider having your blog as a Networked Blog on Facebook. Then those who want to follow this blog in their Facebook feed rather than by e-mail or in an RSS feed reader will be able to do so. Just a suggestion!

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