Combing the Net – 6/13/2010

What Is the Origin of the Term “Best Man?” — I sure am glad my best man didn’t have to defend me from my in-laws…

If George Washington is Orthodox, What About Barack Obama? — On the dangers of searching too hard to find evidence of an explicitly Christian founding of America. (For an explanation of the difference between “explicit” and “implicit” Christianity, check out this post from one year ago today.) If one builds the case (presumably for political reasons) that the civil religion of George Washington and other founders was actually orthodox Christianity, mustn’t one also make the same case for the faith of our current President?

A Song for Those Battling the Effects of Sexual Sin — Bob Kauflin has written a song for those struggling with either “condemnation for sin in the past, or struggles with sin in the present.” This is a sensitive area in which most — if not all — Christians struggle, but which few songwriters have addressed lyrically. Kauflin’s song provides much-needed encouragement, and a reminder that in Christ we are freed from slavery to our sin. The lyrics and an mp3 are found at this link.

Someone Else’s No Is Your Yes — Jared Wilson offers encouragement to those called to Christian missions, but who do not enjoy the support and understanding of friends and family.

Give Me That Kind of Courage — “This is the kind of courage we need: not a blind fearlessness that comes from self-confidence, but a boldness that flows from being overcome by the reality of the gospel and the faithfulness of our God.”

And here’s a comedic look at the BP Oil Spill. These are the same folks who made this video which is funnier (if you’re into satire and have been following the BP story), but which unfortunately includes some language that isn’t appropriate for this blog.

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