Combing the Net – 6/15/2010

How to Find a Local Church — Helpful resources on finding a gospel-centered church in your area.

Sometimes It’s Just Plain Hard — A touching post from the wife of recently deceased prominent Christian blogger Michael Spencer. How do we watch the suffering and death of those we love in a way that brings God glory?

Pornography and Gypsy Moths — Pornography is a huge problem among Christian men today (and men in general). This is a pretty interesting angle on addressing the issue.

Thabiti Anyabwile also reminds us that pornography is not just a problem for men. (HT: Pure Church)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

One comment on “Combing the Net – 6/15/2010

  1. Josh D says: is a local counselor focused on salvaging marriage and lives. He has done extensive research on the effects of pornography in the lives of men. It is worth noting that Christian men have just as much problem with this as other men. The difference is that Christian men are afraid to speak up about it and admit they have a problem that they are not able to conquer on their own. Sounds a bit like a substance addiction to me. A number of things that I have read have referred to pornography as addictive – not of itself but the chemical it produces in the brain which causes feelings of elation and excitement (much the same as bungee jumping or driving at extreme speeds).

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