Combing the Net – 6/18/2010


I’m on a mini-vacation with my wife today, and I didn’t bring the computer! Because I still want to keep up the habit of posting every day, though, here are some articles for your enjoyment prepared in advance. So glad WordPress allows delayed publishing! All three of these articles are recent posts on worship from The Resurgence.

Don’t Forget Your Acoustic Guitar — An encouragement for worship leaders to practice and grow as a leader, not just as a performer. There is nothing wrong with electric guitars, but they bring with them a temptation to rely more on amps, sound effects, and sheer noise, whereas acoustic guitars can lend themselves more to creativity and — in worship-leading situations — sensitivity to the Holy Spirit.

3 Priorities When Preparing Music — What should be the criteria for choosing music for worship services?

The Medium Matters — Lyrics are important, but so is the music. God has uniquely chosen music as one of the specific ways in which we are to worship Him corporately, so our musical preparation is very important!

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