Combing the Net – 6/19/2010


I’m on a mini-vacation with my wife today, and I didn’t bring the computer! Because I still want to keep up the habit of posting every day, though, here are some articles for your enjoyment prepared in advance. So glad WordPress allows delayed publishing! Here are some helpful resources that I use for researching books to read/purchase.

Discerning Reader — This is a collection of book reviews from readers whose opinions I trust.

The Gospel Coalition Reviews — A similar site with a different set of reviewers.

Goodreads — This is a user-contributed review site. You can browse through nearly any book ever published, and find reviews from readers. Most of the reviewers aren’t as discerning as at the above two links (I’m not either!), but it’s good to get that “every man” flavor as well. Also, when you discover a reviewer you like, you can “friend” him and track the books he reads. If you sign up for a Goodreads account, be sure to add me as a friend!

Monergism Books — One of my preferred online bookstores. Their prices are usually better than Amazon, and they frequently offer special deals. There are also some great resources for book choosing here… for instance, be sure to check out the “Reader’s Guide”!

Westminster Bookstore — Another tremendous online bookstore. They are affiliated with Westminster Theological Seminary, and the website includes some great recommended reading lists from the faculty, as well as reviews of a great many of the books they sell.

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