Combing the Net – 6/22/2010

Conservative Christian Teenagers Prepare for Politics — Here’s a report about a group that is training homeschooled kids to be politically active. Depending on how it’s run I guess this could be good or bad. The whole “iGovern” thing is not promising…

Give This Dog a Command — Tell this dog to do whatever you want and he’ll do it. Sort of bizarrely fun.

Struggling in Algebra? Take Up the Tuba — A new research study shows a link between music education and proficiency in math.

Boater Chases Mysterious Periscope — What could possibly be on a beach in Florida that would interest Navy sailors?

Jailed for the Gospel in the USA — Apparently the city of Dearborn has decided that it is no longer legal to distribute Christian literature in public. Setting a precedent?

Here are a couple of fun videos for today. Enjoy!

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