Combing the Net – 6/24/2010

The Gospel at the Grocery Store — This is a really great practical application of the gospel to our lives in an every-day sort of way. In this case, specifically: How does (or should) the gospel transform my life when I’m frustrated standing in line at the grocery store? (HT: JT)

Why We Love PIXAR —If you’re anything like me, you’re a huge fan of PIXAR animated films. This website gives seven reasons for PIXAR’s universal appeal.

There’s $10,000 Buried in New York City — In what looks like a fun adventure to follow, there will be a series of eight “episodes” giving clues as to the location of this buried treasure. It’s too bad I don’t live in NYC (scratch that… I love living in Cookeville!), but I’ll be following along just for fun! Here’s the trailer for the treasure hunt:

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