Combing the Net – 6/25/2010

Shipwreck Found After 122 Years in Lake MichiganThe largest wooden ship that had been unaccounted for in Lake Michigan has now been found. The 300-foot L.R. Doty was so well preserved, in fact, that even it’s cargo of corn is still in the hold.

When Lightning Strikes Twice — Check out this incredible photo of lightning striking two buildings at once!

The Case Against Marriage — Al Mohler responds to a recent essay in Newsweek magazine by two young women who explain why marriage no longer makes sense for women. In fact, they say, the very idea that people are meant to be monogamous and committed to one person for life “seems naive, even arrogant.”

Childlessness Up in the US — In a perhaps related story, Pew Research reports that nearly 20% of American women who are past childbearing age never gave birth. Fewer than half of Americans believe that children are important in a marriage, and more and more children are born outside of marriage. Sad trends…

David Platt on the South — Here’s an interview with David Platt on the moralism that often takes the place of genuine Christian conversion in the South, and how Christians in my generation are leading the way to a resurgence in real gospel teaching.

Last but not least, here are two songs from Tim Hawkins about Chik-Fil-A. I’ve been on a bigtime CFA kick lately. I’ve already been twice this week and still can’t seem to kick the craving! I sure do love that place…

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