Combing the Net – 6/26/2010

World’s Most Expensive Hotel Now Open — Wow… this thing pretty much has a luxury liner sitting on top of it, with an outdoor “infinity pool” on the 55th floor. Unreal.

100+ Facebook Statistics — Here’s a pretty random list of things you probably didn’t know about Facebook. For instance, that 1/2 of Denmark’s residents have a Facebook profile. And that people in the fifties and older post more things on their pages than any other demographic. Okay, so maybe we all knew that last one already!

Nashville Predators Select Austin Watson at #18 — Here’s the scoop on the Preds’ first-round pick from last night’s NHL draft. I’m glad we got somebody with size and some offensive upside, but hope he doesn’t turn into just another grinder…

Ergun Caner Demoted at Liberty University — The results of a recent investigation of Liberty University’s Dean, Ergun Caner, are pretty uninformative. Basically, they’ve said he lied, but not about anything important. So they are replacing him as dean but keeping him on as a professor. Still seems pretty shady to me.

World’s Lowest Singing VoicePretty impressive old gospel singer here! It must be pretty cool to be able to blow out speakers by singing the lowest note on a piano! How random is it that the man on record for singing the lowest human note is also Lady Gaga’s tour bus driver?

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