Combing the Net – 6/29/2010

Mark Driscoll’s Doctrine — Tim Challies writes an excellent review of Mark Driscoll’s newest book, “Doctrine: What Christians Should Believe.” I’ve recently purchased this book and look very much forward to reading it after my wife finishes it… she’s going through it with a women’s Bible study group right now. Whatever your opinion of Driscoll (and most people love or hate him), if this book is as excellent as the sermon series on which it is based, it’s one everybody will want to read.

Why Do Couples Start to Look Like Each Other? — Here’s some interesting scientific research exploring the phenomenon of married couples who begin to look alike after they have been married for a while.

Ruins of a Forbidden Island — This is one of the most fascinating photo essays I’ve seen! Michael Gakuran investigates an abandoned island off the coast of Japan that has some really cool urban/industrial ruins. Amazing how quickly “civilization” can crumble…

I’m not quite sure what this video is, but it amused me. I had this very same AT-AT toy… but never dreamed of anything like this…

Last but not least, here’s one of the cooler World Cup photos I’ve seen.

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