FUGE Day 2-4

Our first full day, and first day on the mission sites for our M-FUGEers, went really well! The group I’m with has some incredibly mature students in it who are a real encouragement to work with. Several of them are from Stevens Street.

From all accounts, the second and third days on the various mission sites have gotten even better! Each night our students give a report of what they’ve done, and how they’ve seen God at work wherever they’ve been. My group has been hanging out at a day care teaching Bible stories, playing games, and making arts & crafts. Laurie’s group has been singing and doing puppet shows at nursing homes and on street corners. Other groups are going into some pretty rough inner city neighborhoods to play ball with troubled teens. Some are painting churches and doing yard work for the elderly.  Others are spending time with the mentally and physically disabled, showing them how much God loves them.

We’ve had a blast hanging out with the kids from SSBC, and once again I am impressed with their attitudes and abilities. No matter how hard I try to avoid it, I always manage to underestimate them. Last night several of them shared some very personal things that the Lord is doing in their lives right now, and asking publicly for accountability to do what they have committed to do, or to give up what they’ve committed to give up for the sake of the gospel. Of course, it’s easy to simply say those words out of emotion, but if this group can really pull together and keep up at home the momentum they’ve built together at camp, there will be a real transformation in our youth group, and in our church!

Today is the last full day of camp (and also the first chance I’ve gotten to get online in a couple days, thus the lack of daily updates). Our camp pastor has been great, and I’m excited to hear what he shares with us tonight. Each message has built upon previous messages, and tonight will be the culmination. The theme of the week is taking advantages of kairos moments: defining moments in our lives when we experience radical transformation by the Holy Spirit. Each day has a word of the day. The first full day was “Love”, which has been followed so far by “Obedience” and “Sacrifice”. Tonight will be “Integrity”, and they’ll send us home in the morning with “Commitment”. Hopefully at some point I’ll have a chance to write some reflections on the messages themselves.

I heard yesterday that Nate has gotten pretty sad. It seems he’s finally realized that Laurie and I are gone, and that we’ve been gone for a very long time. We got to talk to him a little bit on the phone, but we sure do miss holding our little man! Pray for all of us today; that Laurie and I would finish the week strong, and that Nate would be able to enjoy spending some more time with his Grandma, without being too sad.

Thank you for your prayers this week! We have all been strengthened by them very much.

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