FUGE Wrap-up

We’re finally home from FUGE now, and starting to get our energy back after a restful weekend. Laurie and I are both so thankful for the opportunity to go and serve our students… but we’re also very thankful to be home with our little boy!

In all the important ways, I think this was the best FUGE trip I’ve been on. We have a tremendous group of students, who never cease to amaze me. Our group devotions were really phenomenal, and the camp pastor was great. The entire theme for this year’s camp was really well thought out. The theme was “Kairos: Defining Moments”. Basically, everything was geared toward teaching that each day and each moment is important, and has the opportunity to be a life-changing, defining moment.

Each day featured a Word of the Day (AHA!), and the evening messages from Pastor Jason focused on how character is built using that particular trait. Each message built upon the previous night, just as the words of the day (Love, Obedience, Sacrifice, Integrity, and Commitment) built on one another. Each of the messages was good, but I particularly enjoyed Jason’s commentary on the “Marks of a True Christian” from Romans 12:9-21.

Some of the production stuff was not as polished as it’s been in past years (then again, I’m probably far more critical of things like audio mixing, timing, and flow than most people!), and we were all less than impressed with some of the campus support staff (which has nothing to do with FUGE itself), but those things pale in importance to the spiritual matters. Our prayer now is that our students would hold on to Jason’s last-day charge, and commit to personal integrity, sacrifice, obedience, and love even after their “mountaintop spiritual high” has ended.

On a personal note, I do have a little bit of a sad/funny story to share involving the destruction of my cell phone. I had been doing a great job of keeping it in my backpack during the time our M-FUGE group was playing with the kids at the daycare. Once we got into arts & crafts time, though, I decided to use my phone to take a few pictures. Some of the younger kids wanted to play a game, and decided on “Duck, Duck, Goose”. I thought about setting my phone aside, but instead fatefully asked myself, “What could happen?” The phone went in my pocket, and I joined the circle on the floor.

Little did I realize that “Duck, Duck, Goose” is a much more violent game than I remembered! Apparently, the object in what they called “Ultimate Duck, Duck, Goose” is to prevent your opponent from reaching the open spot on the floor… by any means necessary! All I know is that someone tapped my head, yelled “GOOSE!”, and the next thing I know I’m completely horizontal about three feet off the floor. Of course I landed on top of my phone, and busted it to pieces.


Oh well, it’s just stuff. Unfortunately, I didn’t have insurance (I’ve had a cell phone for 12 years and hadn’t broken one yet), so replacing it really isn’t much of an option. At full retail, the cheapest phone is about $300. So I’m now in the market for a FREE phone, if anybody happens to have an old Verizon phone you aren’t using…

Anyway, FUGE was awesome, busted phone and all. I really hope I’m able to continue going, year after year!

P.S. — Over on the Worship Ministry blog, I posted some reflections on one of the songs we sang almost every day at FUGE. Check it out here.

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