Calling Dave Ramsey

As of today, our church is officially debt free! God has been good to us, as the giving to our building fund has only increased during the last two years of economic recession. Once we got near the end, a lot of people stepped up to finish it off, and we were able to knock out the last few hundred thousand dollars in no time!

So I’ve been wondering whether maybe our church staff ought to call Dave Ramsey tomorrow for a debt free scream. Wonder if he’s ever had a caller who just finished paying off over five million dollars in debt?

I hated that we went into debt in the first place, but we really did need a new place to meet. Attendance had exploded  in just a few short years… much faster than anyone probably anticipated. We knew we were in trouble when we added seat cushions to the window sills in the old sanctuary and were still packed for three services! Thankfully our new facility is large enough to accommodate a LOT of growth, so we shouldn’t need to build again for a VERY long time.

Hopefully folks will continue giving to the building fund so that when the time does come to build again, we’ll be ready. I’m very thankful that our church decided to go into as little debt as possible, rather than opting for the extravagances that I’ve seen in buildings of some other churches recently, one of which (not in Cookeville) is over $20Million in debt and facing possible foreclosure. I hate seeing churches in debt, and hope to never see ours there again.

We are blessed to have a very financially responsible staff, and a very generous congregation. I’m excited to see how the Lord will bless our church — and bless others through us — now that we have this burden behind us!

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