Combing the Net – 7/8/2010

Did Americans in 1776 Have British Accents? — The answer to this question is more interesting than a simple “yes” or “no”.

When to Stop, When to Go, When to Slow Down — R.C. Sproul writes on matters of Christian liberty. When do matters of conscience turn into legalism? How do we avoid unnecessarily offending weaker brothers and sisters who choose to abstain from things on which the Bible is silent?

The Southern Baptist Convention is Yesterday’s News — A Politics Daily report on declining cover of the SBD Convention specifically, and all things related to religion generally, by the secular news media.

Practical Ideas for Family Worship — Here’s a followup post by Tim Smith. I posted his first article on family worship a couple days ago. Find it here.

Why Are Parents So Unhappy? — Al Mohler dissects an article from New York Magazine about how society’s view of parenting has changed over time, and why today’s parents are more likely to be unhappy. This helps to explain why fewer and fewer people are becoming parents today. The magazine’s assertion: “Kids… went from being our staffs (helping out on the farm and with family business) to being our bosses.” Mohler’s solution: “Christians must see children as gifts from God, not as projects. We should see marriage and parenthood as a stewardship and privilege, not as a mere lifestyle choice. We must resist the cultural seductions and raise children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord, and understand family life as a crucible for holiness, not an experiment in happiness.”

This is pretty darn impressive!

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