Combing the Net – 7/11/2010

An Apology from the Inventor of the Pixel — Russell Kirsch, one of the inventors of the pixel more than 50 years ago, says now that it was a mistake to make pixels square. He’s now setting out at age 81 to re-revolutionize digital photography.

Why Pastors Have Affairs — This link is to a short summary of a blog post by Gary Lamb, who is one in a long line of pastors who have committed adultery. Now, he is trying to help other pastors avoid the same mistakes he made. It’s worth the read for anyone. His full post is available here (you may need to scroll down to the June 29 entry).

Winning the Private War in the Mind — Along those same lines, here is a biblical look at spiritual warfare that neither dismisses nor sensationalizes the conflict between Satan and the people of God.

What better way to wage this war against the devil than by memorizing Scripture? That’s how Jesus resisted temptation…

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