Combing the Net – 7/14/2010

With God on Our Side — Here’s some info and a trailer for what looks like a pretty interesting documentary (from one of the writers of “Expelled”) on the unflinching support of evangelical Christians for a Jewish state regardless of its actions, and the problems this causes, particularly for Palestinian Christians. It seeks to provide a balanced report of what is really going on over there, as opposed to what is reported in our news media. Note: This is NOT the same as the 2004 documentary with the same title that focused on George W. Bush.

New To Reformed Theology? — Ligonier ministries has made available a helpful list of free online resources to help you in your study, if you are interested in learning more about Reformed theology.

Stocking Up on Razor Blades — Tired of the constant planned obsolescence of razors and razor blades, many men are stocking up on years’ worth of razor blades for their favorite razors.

How to Drive a Perfectionist Crazy — “Uneven Google” is guaranteed to drive even mildly OCD people (like my wife) nuts! (HT: @abrahampiper)

When Marriage is a Train Wreck — Doug & Nancy Wilson talk about the options a woman has when she is involved in an abusive marriage. Included in the discussion is a great illustration of the often misunderstood biblical roles of authority and submission. A man’s authority is NOT absolute, and a woman is not a doormat.  This same type of thinking is, of course, how our Founding Fathers justified the American Revolution, which was a refusal to continue to submit to the governing authorities — another form of delegated (but not absolute) authority instituted by God.

Where my nerds at? Hopefully some of you other pun-loving literary and journalistic types will find this as amusing as I do! (HT: Janet Reid)

One comment on “Combing the Net – 7/14/2010

  1. Stephen says:

    But I did not shoot the aperture?

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