Combing the Net – 7/21/2010

Know Your Computer Icons — A brief history of computer desktop icons, 1981-present.

When Should You Confront Someone About Their Sin? — This segment from “Ask Pastor John” goes right along with a book I’m reading right now, so I wanted to share it with you.

Experiential Theology — An interview with theologian and historian Tom Nettles on the necessary unity of experience and truth; doctrine and application. In other words, “we cannot pursue experience apart from truth,” but “doctrine as a pure intellectual or rational exercise has no meaning, is purely vacuous, words without substance, clouds without rain.”

Go to Where Your Men Work — Here’s a pastor who has some great ideas for pastors (or anyone else involved in fulltime ministry) about encouraging and getting to know the men in our churches. Here’s one of his most helpful tips for encouraging men:

Always speak out against the “Higher calling of ministry” idea if it surfaces. Three out of five times when I meet a man at his work he talks to me about how the work I’m doing as a pastor is “so much more important” than what he’s doing as a software engineer, financial analyst, etc. I always immediately crush and correct this unbiblical view of vocation. Your men need you to tell them that all work is a means of glorifying God, and that working for a church is not superior to working for Google. It’s your job to empower your men, to help them see the nobility of the work God has called them to do. (HT: JT)

What happens when engineers play soccer:

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