Combing the Net – 7/22/2010

Five Ways to Know If You’re Really a Christian — Though some say we can never truly know whether we are saved, this is simply not true. In this article, Owen Strachen lists five “marks” of a true, genuine Christian, as presented by Jonathan Edwards.

Individually Shepherding Your Children — An encouraging and practical post to help fathers in our efforts to shepherd and disciple our kids, not just as a family, but individually as well.

Black Parents, White Baby — Two Nigerians with no white ancestry have given birth to a white baby. Geneticists are puzzled at this statistical “impossibility”. Further credence to the Bible’s claim that all human life descends from common ancestry?

Hating on Calvinists — Though this is probably an unnecessary catalyst for yet more strife between Christian brethren, it gets a link just because this graphic made me laugh:

A Seinfeld action-thriller? Anything is possible when lines and scenes are taken out of context and creatively strung together by a talented editor…

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