Combing the Net – 7/26/2010

The Upcoming Nashville Symphony Season — This looks interesting, though I won’t be able to attend personally. Mitchell Korn, described as a “One Man Arts Education Industry”, will be leading a class at Vanderbilt to discuss musical sensitivity, the classical repertoire, and the upcoming NSO season.

The Difference Between Containers and Content — Another awesome article by Bob Kauflin. This time, he shows us the danger of overemphasizing “containers” (elements of a worship service, such as the music, preaching, and tithing) at the expense of the “content” (the eternal significance of the elements, and the experience of Heaven’s ongoing worship celebration).

The Ministry of Fundraising — As the son of a man who owns a fundraising company, the title grabbed me more than anything, but this is a really good article. Doug Wilson explains the importance of raising money for ministry efforts, but cautions that this be done within the proper context and with great care.

Tasting the Lord’s Goodness — This one’s really fun! Here are some suggestions for “edible family devotions”. Worship God with ALL your senses, through such activities as baking pretzels to test the difference between salted & unsalted as you teach your children the meaning of Matthew 5:13.

Read Better With Baxter — Tim Challies shares advice from Puritan preacher Richard Baxter on how to read better. Timeless advice, indeed!

Lately I’ve been wearing out the “Come Weary Saints” album from Sovereign Grace Music. Here’s one of my favorites:

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