Combing the Net – 7/28/2010

Hollywood vs. the Heartland — Actor Robert Duvall on how Hollywood often mocks “the heartland” in its portrayals of life in the interior of the United States, particularly when involving Christianity.

Why Christians Might Back Mosque Construction — Here’s a very well presented argument for something I’ve often wondered. Is it counterproductive (or even counter-gospel) for Christians to oppose the construction of Islamic mosques?

Growing Theologically — Ray Ortlund with some practical advice for those seeking to grow in their knowledge of theology.

Move On USA Today has picked up an article that recently appeared in the Nashville Tennessean, about how many Protestants are now attempting to “move on” past the debate between creation & naturalistic evolution, choosing instead to attempt to reconcile the two.

Remembering Keith Green — Today is the 28th anniversary of Keith Green’s death in a plane accident. He was not a Christian for very long, but what an impact his life had! Here’s a video of one of his performances (HT: Z)

Finally, check out this moving recitation of Psalm 25 (HT: Bob Kauflin):

If you’re interested in dramatic Scripture readings such as this one, I highly recommend checking out Max McLean’s book, Unleashing the Word: Rediscovering the Public Reading of Scripture.

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