Is it possible to be homesick while you’re at home? If so, that’s the way I feel.

Laurie and Nate left yesterday morning for Louisville so that Laurie can keep her four cousins while her aunt & uncle are away on a cruise. They’ll be gone a total of ten days.

Meanwhile, I get to be a bachelor again. So far I’m enjoying it about as much as I enjoyed it when I was a real bachelor… which is not very much. I really miss my family! Home doesn’t feel like home without them.

Of course, we’re happy to be able to serve extended family this way, particularly when they’ve helped us out numerous times. There’s no resentment at all, and it’s not like I’m just sitting at home brooding! I have some projects that I look forward to accomplishing while I’ve got the house to myself.

But there’s one thing I just don’t understand, which has been on my mind this weekend. How in the world could any man ever leave his wife and children? I see broken families around me all the time, and I can’t help but be angry. I can’t hardly stand to be apart from my family for even a short period of time, yet some men seem like they can’t wait to get away from their wives and children. Some leave and never come back. What a tragedy!

This world has nothing to offer that could ever make me choose to stay away from my family. I’ll be so glad when they’re back home! Until then, I’m going to make the best of it. I’ve gotten a lot of practicing done this weekend, and am going to force myself to get back into riding my bicycle, no matter how hot it gets this week. And, of course, I’ll be hosting “Night ‘O Man” this week, firing up the grill and enjoying some corn on a stick with some of my best buds as we watch “Nacho Libre”. Should be a blast!

One comment on “Homesick

  1. Well, we are absolutely in agreement on this issue 🙂
    I would be negligent if I didn’t encourage the bike riding though. My husband felt so much better when he was riding. Do you think if I parked the bike next to his recliner that it might encourage him? My e-mail is I figured out what happened. Write me if you feel it’s a positive thing for you.

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