Combing the Net – 8/2/2010

Famous Man Caves — Personal studies of some manly historical figures. (HT: Trevin Wax)

Economic Humor — A few jokes to brighten your Monday morning!

Optimism to a Hip-Hop Beat — Owen Strachen provides an excellent comparison between an idealistically-rooted optimism and an optimism rooted in Christ’s victory over sin, death, and Hell.

Calvinism in Wesleyan Hymnology — Though Mr. Wesley would assuredly resent the title of this article, the point remains that, despite our differences, Calvinists and Arminians (as well as many other varieties of Christianity) have much in common as well. All Christians ought to be able to wholeheartedly affirm the lyrics of most of Wesley’s hymns, though I would hope that even the most ardent Arminian might refrain from the vitriol contained in the lyrics of the last hymn in this post!

Before reading Joshua Harris’ book Dug Down Deep, I had no idea that he fancied himself an occasional cartoonist! This one is great (HT: Joshua Harris):

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