Combing the Net – 8/3/2010

Introducing Lecrae — Randy Alcorn shares a music video and an introduction to a really amazing Christian artist you may have never heard. His name is Lecrae, one of a recent crop of talented rappers who use their skills to exalt Christ. Be sure to check out the lyrics… this guy is one of the best! If you like Lecrae, be sure to also check out Shai Linne.

Adopted – And Adopting – For Life — Here are some videos of interviews conducted at the Adopting for Life Conference, which Laurie and I attended back in February. It is encouraging to hear these stories of couples who are putting work boots on the Gospel!

A Complementarian Caricature — Denny Burk replies to a recent opinion piece in Christianity Today that presents a very warped view of the Christian doctrine of male headship. It’s yet another salvo in the battle of complementarianism (the belief that men and women have different but complementary biblically-prescribed roles and responsibilities in marriage) vs. egalitarianism (the belief that men and women should share identical authority and responsibilities). Burk offers a good summary of the complementarian (and I would say the biblical) position:

“When I find in the Bible a notion of God that doesn’t match my own, I shouldn’t go instantly looking for hermeneutical strategies to support my current view. I have to press in to the scripture, find out what it teaches, and then conform my beliefs to that teaching whether I am comfortable with it or not. That’s how the authority of scripture works in the Christian life. It changes us. We don’t change it.”

Being “The Christian Guy” at the Worksite — What’s it like being a Christian on a construction site? How can godly living and strong convictions help bring others to Christ? Meet Ari, a regular, blue-collar Joe who loves Jesus!

Guide to the Gospel — Here’s a free, downloadable reading/discussion guide for Greg Gilbert’s excellent book, What Is the Gospel?

In case you didn’t get enough Lecrae earlier, here’s another of his songs with some pretty powerful lyrics:

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