What’s the Big Deal About Church?

I’m finally nearing the end of Jonathan Leeman’s book, “The Church and the Surprising Offense of God’s Love”. It’s been a very challenging but enjoyable read. This morning I came across a passage which raises some good questions for Christians and for our churches in a culture where churchgoers frequently expect services to cater to their desires and attention spans.

If church gatherings last barely an hour, if the songs are shallow, if sermons last little more then twenty-five minutes, and if only ten minutes of the sermon are given to Scripture, it’s no wonder that Christians believe the gathering and the preaching event are unimportant. “What’s the big deal about the weekly gathering?” If we allow hour after hour of media (radio, movies, television, Internet) to form us [emphasis his] throughout the week but resist any more than an hour of church on Sunday, will it not be the media that provides us all with a common language and currency? When we discover on Sunday after the sermon that someone saw the same movie last night as we did, is it more natural to talk about the movie or the sermon?

I might be prone to talk about the movie. How about you?

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