Combing the Net – 8/6/2010

Christopher Hitchens on Cancer — One of the most prominent of the “New Atheists” writes about going through the first stages of grief upon learning of his advanced cancer. Even as someone wholeheartedly opposed to his worldview, it is easy to see his appeal. He is a tremendous writer, always making his readers consider things in a new light. I, for one, will join the many Christians praying for him (including his brother Peter), that he might still be reconciled to God before it is too late.

Inception: Sweet Little Lies — I’ve read lots of reviews of the movie “Inception” from Christian bloggers and reviewers, but this is the best look at the movie’s worldview assumptions that I’ve yet seen. If you’ve seen the movie, you should read this. If not, stay away, because it contains spoilers.

Slightly Modified Infanticide — Denny Burk takes issue with a recent Newsweek article which calls Senator Barbara Boxer’s stance on partial-birth abortion “slightly modified infanticide”. Burk argues that there’s nothing “modified” about it. Note: The links provided in Burk’s post do not all go to the pages they are supposed to. Here is George Will’s original article, and his followup article.

The Gavel Falls on Marriage — Al Mohler’s take on a federal judge’s recent decision to overrule California’s “Proposition 8”.

The Awesomeness-Driven Church — How much God-given creativity is wasted by churches in an attempt to be “relevant”?

Here is a video of the specific even referenced in the article above:

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