Combing the Net – 8/7/2010

Men at Work — A recent poll by returned some interesting statistics about men in the workplace.  For instance: the desire to punch a coworker in the face decreases with age, most men have either had sex with a coworker or want to, and fewer than a third of men have a retirement plan.

Dog Chewing Off Toe Saved Owner’s Life — This guy’s dog smelled diabetes in his foot, and then chewed off his toe while he was passed out drunk. Wierd.

Medical Team Killed in Afghanistan — A team of Christian medical volunteers was ambushed and killed by Taliban fighters in Afghanistan this week.

Facebook Comment Escalation Flowchart — One YMCA has shared this flowchart, which was developed to help staff members learn how to appropriately respond to comments on its Facebook page to avoid the potential escalation of inflammatory remarks.

I love this response John Piper gives to this question regarding the purpose of the Law (specifically the 10 Commandments) in the lives of Christians. (HT: Already Not Yet)

Speaking of the 10 Commandments… here’s a song I came across the other day for teaching the commandments to kids. I’m posting it not because I think you should use it with your kids (I’m a little concerned about the emphasis on “you can do it” as opposed to “Christ has done it”) but because their kid-friendly treatment of the 7th commandment cracks me up!

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