Combing the Net: 8/9/2010

Undocumented Lemondade Stand Shut Down — Health inspectors in Oregon forced a 7-year-old to shut down her lemondade stand because she failed to apply for a temporary restaurant license. But hey, at least they graciously waived the $500 fine!

Bermuda Triangle Mystery Solved — Shockingly, no aliens were involved with all those disappearing ships.

The Republican Party and Our Last Best Hope As a guy who this author might call “down on the GOP”, I found this article to be quite interesting. He makes a pretty convincing case for conservative Christians to vote for Republicans. He gives an honest critique of the Republicanism of the recent past, as well as emphasizing that our country’s problems are not going to be solved by politicians. I probably still won’t vote the party line in November, but this guy does raise some great questions. (HT: Doug Wilson)

Goodbye Mr. Chelios — After an astonishing 26 years in the NHL, Chris Chelios is finally hanging up the skates. I never liked him, but man, was he a great player! I, for one, will miss taunting him from the stands.

While we’re on the subject of hockey, check out this incredible video someone made to commemorate the 2009-2010 Boston Bruins season. They aren’t my team, but I love a good hi-light reel! (HT: OTF)

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