Combing the Net – 8/10/10

Death of the Phone Call — Are phones being replaced completely by other forms of media? What is the future of the telephone? (HT: Z)

Will Your Church Man Up? — Churches tend to foster environments where men are not free to struggle, or to have deep, realistic conversations about fatherhood and manhood. Several statistics are given to support this claim: “Fatherlessness (physically absent and/of emotionally absent) is the greatest social problem in America outside of divorce.”

The ESV Online — Here’s an overview of some of the features of the new (and free) ESV online Bible. I love the new format, and the ESV Study Bible resources are easily worth the cost. I look forward to seeing what new features will be added as Crossway continues to develop this tool!

The Pharisees: From Righteous to Religious — How did this group of men go from being the righteous leaders of God’s people to the proponents of empty and legalistic religion that hung Jesus on the cross? How can Christians today avoid repeating history?

Ten Chapters a Day — As a guy with the same daily Bible-reading struggles that Tim Challies gives in this post, Im’ very intrigued by this particular reading plan. It sounds like something that may suit me quite well…

Virtual Temple Tour — Justin Taylor provides videos of two 3D renderings of the Herodian Temple during Jesus’ day. Here’s one of them:

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