Combing the Net – 8/11/2010

Death Penalty for Evangelism — Some great reflections on the murder of a medical team in Afghanistan last week. A very valid observation/question: The media is outraged that these doctors were killed even though they weren’t proselytizing… but if they had been actively evangelizing, would that have excused their murder?

Bo is No Beau — How not to take your girlfriend to a game

Organizing Your Reading List — Here’s something I’ve just been debating in the last few days. As my list of book reviews grows longer (see the index on the top right), I’ve been wondering about how to better organize it. Also, our church is preparing to launch a new website which will include a recommended reading list. Here are links to several other reading lists, and suggestions for organizing them.

Why Mark Driscoll Is the Man for the Job — Driscoll takes a lot of criticism among evangelicals, but here’s one man’s reasoning why the city of Seattle needs a guy just like Driscoll. Also recommended is this message where Driscoll himself addresses some of the concerns of his critics.

Speaking of Driscoll, here’s a clip from a recent sermon where Driscoll addresses some concerns with the Twilight book series:

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