Combing the Net – 8/13/2010

Trekkie Jesus Fish — Courtesy of “The Blingdom of God”

Sharpie Pencil — This might be one of the coolest inventions in recent memory! (HT: Challies)

10 Habits of Happy Couples — How happy is your marriage?

What One Thing Would You Change About Seminary? Al Mohler, D.A. Carson, Jeff Louie, and Richard Pratt answer.

First-Born Children Are Smarter — … but younger siblings get better grades. Can’t vouch for the first part of that statement, but the second is definitely true in my family.

If I had to do my wedding all over again, I wouldn’t do a thing different. However, if I did do something different, I’d want this groom’s cake! (HT: Jon Bloom)

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