Combing the Net – 8/18/2010

Everything You Need to Know About Fast Food — This is seriously disturbing. I already knew to stay away from the food, but I may never drink from a fountain dispenser again.

5 Reasons Books are Better Than E-Books — As a “real” book lover I was with him until the very last sentence. I’m skeptical that his next entry will be as convincing!

Steak on a Paper Plate — Trevin Wax questions whether a contemporary, casual church service can bring worshipers face-to-face with the glory of God. It’s a truly insightful post and I hope you’ll click through to read it. Zach Nielson has written a response to add to this conversation, which you can read here. I’m so thankful to see this discussion happening in evangelical churches, both in articles such as this one and in books like T. David Gordon’s Why Johnny Can’t Sing Hymns, which I reviewed recently.

The Ministry of Rebuke — The first part of another excellent series by Kevin DeYoung. Part 2 was published this morning. We’ll have to check back tomorrow for the conclusion!

A Call for Men Who Aren’t Boys — Some sad statistics about prolonged male adolescence, and a vision for transforming “Ban” (a man who acts like a boy) into a real man.

Here’s a Paul Washer clip from a few years ago that I looked up again because it’s worth sharing. It’s time to stop trying to train goats to act like sheep!

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