Combing the Net – 8/19/2010

Photos of Faraway Places — From the lens of Steve McCurry, one of the greatest photographers of all time.

Will There Be Starships in Heaven? — Randy Alcorn considers one of the strangest questions he’s ever received about Heaven.

An Interview With the Apostle Paul — A very creative way to look at a difficult passage of Scripture dealing with the Law, Life, and Death.

Response to Trevin Wax — Another response to Wax’s great “Steak on a Paper Plate” post on worship to which I linked yesterday.

The Real Agenda of Some College Professors — Some startling quotes from professors who no longer feel the need to hide their hostility toward Christianity and conservative values.

Ladies and gentlemen, there is a new song in the running for “Worst Worship Song Ever”. We wonder why our kids grow up to not take their faith seriously… can we not just teach them to sing hymns? (HT: Z)

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