Combine the Net – 8/21/2010

Never Bring a Knife to a Boxer’s House — This is what happened when a young crook tried to break into his 72-year-old neighbor’s house.

What Greek Statues Really Looked Like — A new study using ultraviolet light reveals that the ancient Greeks were NOT lovers of plain white art, but actually had very brightly painted sculptures.

Books & E-Books, Media & Messages The final word in Tim Challies’ books vs. e-books series.

One Problem With Modern Church Buildings — What message do we send in the architecture of our church buildings?

A Great Opportunity for Great Theology — Like Kevin DeYoung, I don’t agree with Dorothy Sayers on everything, but she really is a great writer. There are so many things we can learn today from things she was pointing out more than half a century ago.

I’ve seen this before, but a friend posted it on Facebook and reminded me how funny it is. Notice the perfect timing of the cymbal crash!

One comment on “Combine the Net – 8/21/2010

  1. Brandon Skaggs says:

    Funny thing, our band director instructed us to trip anyone who tried to move through our formations during parades.

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