Are We Men or Machines?

I’ve been reviewing a really awesome resource for educating parents about the merits of Classical Christian education. It’s a 20-page magazine/brochure called Discover Christian Education: A Parent’s Essential Guide. You can read it online in PDF form for free here. The entire thing is worthwhile (if you’re a parent, you owe it to yourself and to your children to look into this!), but here’s one info-graphic that I thought was particularly great, comparing the Post-Modern (public/secular school) and Christian educational philosophies. It does this by giving two answers to the question: Can you “program” your teen?

Post-Modern Answer:

If we are bundles of cells that make up a complex organic machine, then our brains must be like a computer. Education would only require that we be programmed and filled with data. Thinking is merely electrochemical. Wisdom comes with knowledge and skills. Art is an illusion. Faith is a crutch.

Christian Answer:

If we are creatures made in the image of God, then our minds must be cultivated to grow into their potential. To educate, we must read the great thinkers in history and evaluate their work in the light of God’s Word. The mind must be practiced in logic and reason. Art and music provide a unique insight into the mind of God.

Are we men or machines?

I’ll be writing more over the next couple days and weeks about the vast differences between public/secular schooling and Christian schooling (primarily Classical Christian education). In the meantime, here’s a great online resource with just a few things that every Christian parent MUST consider when choosing where and how to educate his children: Public vs. Christian Education

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