Combing the Net – 8/26/2010

Living Without Physical Intimacy — A thought-provoking testimony of someone dealing with the blessings & challenges of singleness.

Visual Latin Lessons If you or your kids want to learn Latin (and you should!), this could very well be the second best way to do it. The first, of course, being to enroll your children in an excellent Classical Christian school like Highland Rim Academy!

Lost Letter Conclusion — The second half of Kevin DeYoung’s “Lost Letter to Wormwood”. I posted the first part yesterday.

If Acts Was Written Today — Would Christians be described in terms of their Facebook and FarmVille usage?

What Adoption Does Not Do — There is an incredible wave of orphan care and adoption ministry in the Church today. This is great, but it’s still just a “work” and cannot be the only result of a Christian walk. (HT: Z)

Our Worship Pastor has been teaching through the book of Colossians in choir practices and on the worship ministry blog this fall. It reminded me of this video, set to a reading of Colossians 2 by Thabiti Anyabwile from the 2010 Together for the Gospel conference, which I attended:

How’s this for an answered prayer?

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