Combing the Net – 8/30/2010

What Was a Church Service Like in the Second Century? — Here’s a brief look at the typical order of worship in the early church.

HT: Justin Taylor — Getting to know one of the most prolific (and excellent) contributors in the Christian blogosphere. Also, for those who may be unaware, the “HT” that you’ll see often on my blog and others stands for “Hat Tip”… basically one blogger giving credit to another blogger who first brought something to his attention.

What’s Next for Francis Chan? — Mark Driscoll and Joshua Harris sit down with the author of Crazy Love and Forgotten God to see what he has in store now that he’s resigned his position as pastor of Cornerstone Church.

The Influence of Music — Today’s episode of the Renewing Your Mind radio program with R.C. Sproul looks at the influence of music on our lives, including some thoughts that the Greek philosopher Plato had regarding “popular music”. It’s part of an ongoing series about reclaiming aesthetics for the glory of God.

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